Teardrop Bikini

Teardrop bikinis are some of the world’s best man-made wonders. These micro bikinis might as well be one of the best gifts to men because of how little they hide of women wearing them. And if you are the kind of woman who can pull this off, then you deserve some cheers, for it is one the sexiest, most provocative and revealing types of beachwear.

Not everyone can pull off wearing a teardrop bikini and looking good doing so. While many have tried, only the “select ones” succeed in looking good in it. There are a lot required for anyone who wants to wear this kind of swimsuit. You need to have a great body, a well-defined set of shoulders and arms. Likewise, you need a lot of confidence and pride just to walk around this very skimpy piece. A pretty face would also add to your appeal.

Teardrop Bikini

Here are some tips to get you started in wearing this two-piece:

Work out

This is a must for everyone who wants to look great in this sexy summer apparel. A great body is a must for bikinis. You need to do the essentials, such as cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Cardiovascular exercises help you quickly rid your body of excess fat and calories. With strength training, you build up and tone your muscles. This also makes your metabolism more efficient, allowing you to burn more calories and fat even when you are not working out. As for flexibility exercises, these are important in keeping your muscles flexible and lean. A steady workout routine and some discipline mean that you are on your way to achieving a great beach body. Pretty soon, you be confident enought to wear a teardrop swimsuit.

Have a healthy lifestyle

This is as essential as working out. A healthy lifestyle means getting enough sleep and having the right diet. You have to steer clear from excessive alcohol and nicotine as well. A healthy lifestyle not only reduces the bad fat and excess calories in your body but also rejuvenates your skin and internal organs. So once you wear that ultra sexy bathing suit, your face, skin, and hair will radiate in healthiness. You will have an amazing glow that no makeup or any other beauty products can give you.

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